Introducing Marko. A simpler way to subscribe and manage your private investors online.


Are your investors demanding more transparency?

Fiducia Labs has built the Marko Alternative Investment Platform to fill that void in the marketplace. Marko has been architected and designed specifically to streamline the entire investment process from start to finish and all points in between.

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Why Clients Choose Marko by Fiducia Labs

“We were running new investors through our branded portal within days of signing up and had all of our existing investors imported into the system in less than three weeks. The time from verbal commitment to funded investment has been cut in half and we’re not fielding nearly as many phone calls from investors with questions about their account.”

- Nathan McDonald, Keiretsu Capital

The Marko Edge

  • Simple & Elegant Interface

    The portal you send your investors to reflects on you and your brand. We designed our interface with high net worth investors in mind.

  • Efficient & Effective

    Redundancy runs rampant in the alternative investment space. Our guiding design principle is “touch information once”.

  • Low Barrier to Entry

    We make it an easy decision to get started from a pricing perspective and you’ll be up-and-running in no time so you can start raising capital.